How I Wash My Hair ||| Why I Mix Conditioners


So quite recently I reviewed a Shea Moisture conditioner (See that here), I said the results were pretty terrible. However, me being me and not wanting to waste my money by never using it again, I decided to start mixing conditioners to my liking. Over the months I have tried so many conditioners, they all had perks, but most were over taken by their flaws.

Okay so currently I’m based in the UK, meaning all of these are from local supermarkets, however I did try and make sure all the conditioners were sulfate and silicone free. They are all pretty cheap and easy to obtain, so they are most likely not targeted at my hair but this works for me.

So here are the conditioners I use;

  • Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Conditioner w/ Silk Protein & Neem Oil – £10.99
  • Herbal Essences Deep Moisture Hello Hydration –  £4.97
  • Alberto Balsam Coconut and Lychee For All Hair Types – £1.50

Once a month I use a drizzle of whatever shampoo I have on hand as well.


So I normally just wet my hair, I can do this easily by just laying back in the bath, however, I’m going to warn you about something to do with this. By leaning back to wet your hair, it could become too heavy to lift up again. If you have thick, long curly hair this isn’t ideal because getting up will either strain your neck or you’ll just get stuck.

After wetting my hair, I use about 6 pumps of the Shea Moisture, a blob of Herbal Essences and then cover the area with Alberto Balsam. I mix this then run it through my hair. Making sure I’m hitting the dry areas. If my hair seems a little dirty, I’ll use a pinch of shampoo.

Then I just rinse out my hair, add my coconut oil then detangle!

That’s pretty much all I do, overall mixing works for me and I would recommend it!

Okay on a second note, I know I haven’t been posting when I used to daily, I mean I would apologies but I cannot stop being busy.



Learning to Love My Curls Again


So I’ve had curly hair for most of my life. You probably could of guessed this. For most of my life, I’ve been at ease with my hair. Just accepted it. There have of course been lows.

For the first three years of my life I was incredibly bald. I know, it was weird. I would cry all the time about having ‘boy hair’ and I actually would cry about my lack of hair when ever we would go out, often wearing hats.

So when I started growing hair, I was so happy and amazed that it grew in before school started. I had fine curls that were pushed and pulled into odd little bunches. I loved it. On my first day of school, I saw that my best friend (who I just met about 5 minutes ago) had straight hair, I didn’t think much of it until she asked me why my hair was curly. I started thinking this and I began to believe that my hair was a punishment for being bad all the time, and I thought that if I was good it would go straight. This was because my best friend was a brilliant student. I thought it was punishment because of the pain of brushing! However, I didn’t worry much, I was always told I would grow out of it anyway.

My hair of course got longer and grew out. I started to like it more and more until I had to start what my father called ‘big school’. I would ask my mother everyday to braid my hair at night and straighten in the morning. This often took hours of work which just made me hate my hair even more. I just looked odd all the time and it just looking like dead hair piled on my head.

The worst thing about being a child with curly hair, was having parents that didn’t understand how it worked. Tugging on it with a brush. Ruffling a towel over my head. No products other than this horrendous watermelon detangling spray which smelt horrible and tore my hair apart. Both my parents have curly hair, though my father never grew his hair out and often flatted his curls. My mother had my hair until about age 7, when it became more wavy, she also throughout my whole life has straightened her hair everyday. So as a kid I really thought I had no one to relate to.

I let my hair go curly again, and I really, really wanted long hair. However, my mother saw it would be too difficult to maintain, and kept my hair in an odd looking bob. I looked like a mushroom and always felt hideous about it. I would always refuse hair cuts so I was tricked into them, I don’t blame her looking back, she was only trying to help.

I’ve never been mocked or ridiculed for my hair. Just a few rude comments. I loved to run and would compete in these district competitions. I would normally take the mid-distance races meaning I had to run around the track several times. During one of these races I have vivid memory of these random boys screaming ‘fluffy bunny’ and ‘curly top’ as I ran. I hated this new found attention so much I just started crying.

One of the things I hated about my hair was the attention it brought me. I would always stick out of a crowd. I was always recognised by people I hated. I always just stood out which I would of loved if I was more confident. However, I wasn’t. I started not taking care of my hair hoping it would go straight. I just wanted to blend in but my hair just wanted the opposite.

I also hated the race aspect of it all. I don’t want to delve too much into race, however I will say that being a person of paler complexion, I have been hated over my hair. Certain websites (I wont mention names) had common posts saying it was a black girl space and how white people were just trying to dominate it. I see why they would think that but I really just wanted hair advice, only to be met by people telling other girls with curly hair to love their hair, while seemingly telling me to leave. I felt like a freak, a white girl with curly hair. I saw plenty of ‘attacks’ of white girls with curly hair saying that they were racist because of their hair, they never had a struggle with their hair or even that they were just not allowed on the website. This of course made me feel so unwelcome it was shocking to me now. I want the day where we don’t see hair attached to race only, there is no ‘black person hair’ or ‘white person hair’, its just hair.

Now. I know my hair is me now. I know many people would want my hair, even if they didn’t know the full work that goes in. I know, while its not a personality trait, it’s what makes me unique. While I still struggle with things about my hair. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

To any curly haired girl , I want you to know that its worth it all.



Taking Too Good Care Of My Hair | Is It Possible


I am not an expert. I could have literally no idea what I’m talking about. These are just my personal experiences.

**Thank You**

Okay, so the title seems insane to you. Taking too much care of your hair. Most would argue it’s not even a slight possibility. However, around a year ago, I made a jump from barley any haircare at all, to my now daily routine. Since, my hair is less frizzy, less dry and especially more curly. My hair type changed in the year to be so much curlier. Which many people do see as a good thing, however, with this new found curl pattern I had no idea what to do with it.

My hair went from a low type 3 to a high, which gave me tighter ringlets which made the definition overall nicer. However my hair seemed to be thinner, my hair seemed to have no volume and always, always looked wet even when it had plenty of time to dry.

I tried everything I could to fix this issue. Products, brushes, and various hair styles to sleep with. Nothing seemed to help. Overtime, I became more busy, my hair, less of a priority. I spent less time on it and occasionally just left it.

I noticed immediately my hair look more natural, as if I had curly hair and I didn’t just terribly style it. My hair had more volume and was a lighter colour. Here is an image of the time


This might not look great for you, but after months and months of flat, dark , soggy locks this was a massive turning point for me.

I decided to ditch the shampoo, I left behind using too much product that was weighing my hair down. I started scrunching and pineappling instead of braiding. I got regular trims despite me wanting long hair for most of my life. (I used to have a bob and I looked like a mushroom).

Maybe you are having a similar problem, I would just back off the products, and stop relying on them so much.

Thanks for reading!

Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Conditioner Review


my first experience with any Shea Moisture product. All I could think the whole time was OVERRATED. I saw many reviews on amazon (where I bought my bottle) saying how this was a 5/5 product. So I took a dive and went for it.

Okay so I wanna make a quick point about the authenticity of the product I personally bought. A few reviews said that this product is a fake. However, I noticed nothing irregular about the seal or consistency. The product I bought is here.

Now lets talk money, for this particular conditioner is currently (16/11/17) £2.17 per 100ml. A total of a reduced price of £8.24 for . Not bad, but certainly not great. It’s not recommended personally from me if your on a budget, as if you are like me (big, heavy, long hair) you will need a lot.

So the main part people are most likely wondering what this product did for my hair.

Not much.

After my first use of this (I like to give products two tries to make sure I know it wasn’t a fluke) my hair seemed so dry and stripped down, even damaged. I didn’t want to brush it as it was incredibility weak. I was actually scared my hair was going to fall out. To make sure this effect wasn’t from me washing my hair enough, I prepped for this by missing a wash day. You can see that here. So I know it wasn’t from the water as my hair has never done this.

I went back a second time, just to make sure. This time, my hair felt stronger, and I was brave enough to brush it through and sleep in a pineapple. However something felt off as I was brushing, my hair seemed to be more tangled and dry, this of course hurt. I managed and went to sleep after I finally got all the tangles out.

I woke up this morning to my curls, they feel dry and almost deformed. The back of my head feels flat (I don’t sleep on that side either) when normally I have volume. I was a little taken back, before I realised the feel of my hair was much worse. My hair feels starchy and overall moisture-deprived. Now I’m going to have to go through the day in a ponytail, as it looks odd and lopsided. Not happy.

However what did rise through this whole experience, was my curl definition. My curls have only suffered from texture and not actual shape. My hair is curlier than usual which personally I’m not that much of a fan of, but its certainly not a flaw. This effect did only happen on the front of my head unfortunately . The back was dry and flat. Below is the back of my head.

Poor definition, awful dryness.

Here is my hair from the front.

Decent Definition, yet you can even see the damage. It looks dry and frizzy which is just awful considering the high rated product I used.

So my final words. I do not recommend this product. Unless you want to buy it from someone else rather than the dodgy amazon seller I encountered.  I don’t believe this product was tampered with, but these results did shock me. It wouldn’t surprise me if this was a fake.



Hello! I’m just here to apologise for the embarrassment that is my current schedule. Unfortunately, I’m leaving the schedule behind and ill just post when I can. Life is gracing me with being busy so I do apologise!

My Experience With Skipping A Hair Wash | Daily Washing Experiment.

So, some people will know that I wash my curly hair everyday (you can have some insight on that here)

I basically said that I wash my hair everyday without fail. Normally if I didn’t, make hair would just clump up, I would loose definition, volume and shape. But when I claimed that, I realised that  I hadn’t tried it in over a year. Since then, a lot has changed with my hair. I stopped straightening, I seemed to get curlier hair, I started with regular trims. So overall my hair is a lot healthier.

So last night I did not wash my hair and fell to sleep, putting my hair in a pineapple on top of my head, just to see if anything had changed. Here are my results;

When I woke up, the first thing I noticed was the clumping, my hair seemed to fall in matted sections. My hair looked like blocks attached to my scalp.

Next I noticed, my hair looks a little strange. my definition, while isn’t gone, seems fuzzed and messed up. Only some of my curls remain ringlets, however the back is just pure frizz.

However, what I do quite like is the new found volume which I lacked last time, making my hair look more full and lively!

The last thing I liked was now my hair, looks like curly hair. Before, I looked like I curled naturally straight hair, and my hair always look wet. Even if it was bone dry. Now my hair looks natural and I’m liking it.

My hair seems to be half curly and half wavy, which I’m not quite enjoying, here’s photos of the two parts of my hair.

So overall, I think I’m going to stick with washing everyday, just because the pros out do the cons.


Sorry for not posting yesterday! Hectic life and such. I should be back on schedule now which you can find on my about page.

Exciting things in store, follow for more posts like this. Things planned can also be found on the about page.



Satin Sleep Cap Review (Amazon)

Hi! Yesterday I received my satin sleeping cap (a cheap one of amazon), and I decided to wear it the very night I got it to see what it would do to my hair! Here are my thoughts;


Okay, so first impressions were baffling, it was like a hair net, with some kind of uncomfortable lace surrounding it. I went on putting it on, as I had never dealt with any of these products before. After putting it on, I was immediately uncomfortable, the lace outline or whatever it was, was itching and irritating. However I had heard others who bought this complain about it being too small, however mine fit fine. The delivery time was about two days, and honestly, I don’t know what I was expecting. It was ridiculous cheap so this kind of quality was expected, yet still disappointing. I only spent £1.83 on mine I believe.

So now for what it did to my hair… I found after taking the cap off, my hair was stuck upwards. Dead upwards. After pulling it down I had too much volume, my hair fringe thing sticks about 5 cm above my head. Although it is going down now in the morning. My hair however, looks and feels lighter and I have much fewer tangles. My hair feels very thin which personally I do not like. Also, I found this very odd, my hair is curlier than normal. It made me go up a whole hair sub-category. This is odd for me, and m curls are so tight, I cant roll them as I normally do.  MC

My curls also seem to be smaller at the top, and looser and bigger at the bottom.


You can find the product here, if you want the results I described. It might be worth a purchase.

Battling Hair loss! |How I stopped my rapid hair loss

Around 8 months ago, I suffered from a quite extreme case of hair loss. I would wake up everyday, and see chunks of hair just chilling on my pillow as if it were meant to be there. Recently, a friend of mine (with short straight hair) came to me with the same problem, saying her hair was thinning at a rapid rate. I decided to share with her how I pulled myself out of this time, and now I have decided to share it with you! Here are some things that just personally worked for me:

Hot Water

Washing your hair in extremely hot water can be extremely bad for hair loss. I found that after a hot hair wash session, my hair became extremely weak and would break when I ran my fingers through it. Yes hot water helps clean your scalp, but it also damages your hair roots. This means extra frizz. For all types of hair.

However, if you suddenly think,

Oh hot water is evil! Must switch to cold!

Be aware that cold hair, while it can be beneficial, will make you lose volume to your hair, if you already have issues with volume, this could be a real problem. Not to mention taking a cold shower is less than desired. However, cold showers improve circulation to your scalp, which means your hair will get the nutrients it needs to thrive, which might strengthen your hair. Cold water also helps prevent frizz!

Personally, I believe it comes down to personal preference, if you have thick curly hair, and have no concern about volume (like if you constantly wear you hair in styles) and you would love to be frizz free and have fulfilled hair. I think cold water is the way the to go. People with thinning hair might opt for a warm shower, to try and keep volume, but not destroy hair follicles.



You may not realise. But the way and how often you brush your hair can have a serious impact. Most people tend to brush their hair once a day, (including me; you can see why I, a curly haired girl, brush my hair here) but what most people don’t realise, is that they are brushing it wrong!

Okay, when I say wrong, of course its not the worst thing to ever happen to humanity itself. Or maybe not even the worst thing to ever happen to your hair. But this was a large contributing factor when it came to my hair loss.

All I can recommend is STOP TUGGING AWAY AT YOUR HAIR! Pulling out a tangle by repetitive movements is bad for your hair! If you do brush your hair and you come across a knot, do NOT tug and pull until it is released, and do not rip it out no matter how easy it may seem.

How I personally would brush my hair is to put my hair in about 8 sections, and to start from the bottom and work my way up to each one.



All I know about this one unfortunately, is that this was the largest factor leading to my hair loss, I don’t have many tips about handling stress, but here is a very helpful article that I followed;

Click Me To See The Article


Coconut Oil

I found adding coconut oil to my scalp and hair everyday reduced hair loss by quite a lot. Massaging my scalp with the oil prevented a dry scalp, which overall was leading to my hair falling out. My hair was also really dry, which was helped by coconut oil.